I use a bot that trades ETH against BTC. The fluctuations are not as much as BTC/USDT but it fits my goal to hodl the coins long term and I can. All they do is automate your existing trading strategy. If you're trading isn't successful without a bot it won't be successful with a bot. They. I'm curious both as a crypto degen and as a developer that is exploring the telegram bot ecosystem. Can you help me understand what makes. Yes, crypto trading bots work based on the set strategies. A lot of traders are using them to earn profits. Trading bots assist in chart. reddit. Suggest rethinking what friends and reliable sources are. If bots could generate 2k/day relaiably our entire finanical structure.

Please personally review all links before clicking on them. If you believe this post is harmful, please report it. I am a bot, and this action. 81 votes, 98 comments. My live crypto trading bot used to work very well from the mid of last year to the mid of this year. 47 votes, comments. tl;dr - crypto trading bots make up around 38% of all trading volume. Some bots are overpriced and bad, some are. You don't need to understand blockchain to be able to trade crypto or have bots trade crypto for you. People using trading bots are generally. 71 votes, 32 comments. Hello, Reddit Traders, Bot trading is getting more popular every day, and for me, as a true HODLer, I thought that. My question is: Do these bots actually work in generating consistent profits? The stock market involves a lot of statistics and patterns, so it. I'm particularly interested in automated bot trading; however, I'm unsure about the most suitable platform. Additionally, considering the upward. A friend of mine recently bought this trading bot long story short seems to be a scam. She received instructions on how to install it. 97 votes, comments. I'm looking for a trading bot to use on Binance. I hold BTC for the long term and would like to grow the stack by. I have been reading about the automated trading bots and they make me curious. Would you say the are worth putting time/money into? Currently I. Find the next crypto gem on 4saits.ru, People's Exchange Also, you can join the official KuCoin trading bot discussion group if you want.

59 votes, 86 comments. Just wanted to share my results in using these bots - they've been working amazingly for me. I've embarked on an intriguing yet challenging journey over the past two months, trying to create a profitable trading bot, and I'd love to. A crypto trading bot automates buying and selling cryptocurrencies by using algorithms to make trades. Some advantages of a crypto trading. Please suggest some good bots (apart from 4saits.ru as the minimum sum required to invest is very high for it, also I've heard bad reviews about. I just bought a trading bot for $. The bot was buying high and sold my coins low. So I nearly lost all coins. The company said it was my. Buying a bot? I think you need a bigger investment. Running your own bot? Sure. Find a good strategy, backtest it, paper trade and then go for. These bots can automate trading strategies, react faster than a human could to market changes and operate round the clock, which is a huge. Hearing about AI crypto trading, as well as the use of these tools in the traditional markets, some people might wonder – isn't that cheating? When i talk to traders, most of them using bots for trading and i have trust issues for these bots. I would be happy if you share your.

Will this bot also farm moons on reddit? Upvote. Yes, they work, they have plenty of advantages when it comes to executing your trading plan, discipline, and eliminating emotional disadvantages. If I put € a month ago in BTC, now I would have about € just by holding it. So this bot gives me a profit that it's lower than what I. 47K subscribers in the Bybit community. Bybit is a cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange offering trading on inverse. votes, 64 comments. Hi guys, I started a project of a cryptocurrency trading bot with a GUI last year around this time.

56K subscribers in the thesidehustle community. r/thesidehustle is for your side hustle money making ideas. AI software, startups and. I'm curious both as a crypto degen and as a developer that is exploring the telegram bot ecosystem. Can you help me understand what makes. Not allowed to post pictures on here for some reason but I found a wallet that was doing quite a few trades on a Solana alt coin. how does the bot account for value difference in your investment vs the stock market for being able to pay back investments? (imagine crypto. I've recently heard about a few guys that have developed computer programming code to create AI bots that day trade for them. If you can make your own and do it well, then more power to you. I personally wouldn't trust a third party bot with my crypto trading. Hell, I.

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